Attractions and Museums

Where to go, what to see, and why to stay longer

We hope you’re planning to stay a while, because there’s a lot you’ll want to see here. Our museum scene will blow your mind, with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, The Black History Museum and Cultural Center, The Valentine and the Science Museum of Virginia. We’ve got a huge outdoor culture, too, with the James River Park system, Belle Isle, kayaking on the James and biking on the Virginia Capital Trail. Historic markers are everywhere. The church where Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” The streets where Lincoln and Poe walked. Henricus, where Pocahontas lived. Kings Dominion, where even grownups scream. This place is packed with stories. And restaurants. And bars. And botanical gardens…and…okay, just scroll down and get started.