The Richmond Gallery Scene

Hangouts for people and art

The Richmond region is all about creative culture, and we have the galleries to prove it – about 70 of them, in fact. And you don’t have to be a millionaire (or even a thousandaire) to check them out. For a good sampling, head out to First Fridays, which is held on, you got it, the first Friday of every month. That’s when the galleries on and around Broad Street in Richmond’s Arts District open their doors, people fill the streets, local restaurants and shops are open for business and pop-ups pop up all over. 

Richmond has a huge concentration of galleries, like 1708, the ADA Gallery, the Anderson Gallery (featuring VCUarts students and professors), Eric Schindler Gallery, Elegba Folklore Society Cultural Center…the list goes on. And this creative vibe isn’t just in the city: the region’s Southside, Northside, West End, Town of Ashland, and other areas are filled with art, too. Scroll down and make a plan to be awed.