RVA's improvisational playground

Richmond's jazz music scene is a dynamic and improvisational playground of musical exploration. Thanks in part to VCU's illustrious music performances, Virginia's capital has become a hotbed for musicians looking to explore spontaneity and creativity with their instruments. Nearly every night in Richmond, you can find talented musicians taking to the stage to engage in spirited musical conversations through intricate melodies, complex harmonies, and syncopated rhythms. Whether in an intimate club or a spacious concert hall, Richmond's jazz scene offers a sanctuary where tradition and innovation converge, celebrating the rich legacy of this timeless genre, and you can learn more about this by clicking on any of the fascinating artists below!

dumbwaiter bumpDumb WaiterDumb Waiter is a 4 piece Instrumental/Math/Avante-Garde/Pop/Noise band from Richmond, Va. They describe their sound as "Bungley, Zappastic, heavy-jazzy funkiness drowning in a small pool of old Dunkin Donut's coffee in this caffeinated cocktail of genre disturbance." Listen now



Hawkins bumpMichael HawkinsMichael Hawkins is a versatile and well-rounded virtuoso Jazz bassist, playing and writing in multiple sub-genres and on both acoustic and electric bass. Hawkins has recorded and toured extensively with acclaimed pianist Cyrus Chestnut, Eric Reed and John Hicks, saxophonist Donald Harrison, Jimmy Heath, Gary Bartz and Antonio Hart. Mike has also share the stage with vocalists Vanessa Rubin, Carla Cook the incomparable Leon Thomas. Listen now


weldon bumpWeldon HillIn addition to his own trio, Hill also performs regularly with the Virginia Symphony Jazz Orchestra and Symphony Pops and the United States Air Force Rhythm in Blues Jazz Ensemble. As pianist her performs with the Great American Music Ensemble, an often-featured big band at the Kennedy Center and for National Public Radio. Listen now



Desiree bumpDesirée RootsDesirée Roots has been showcasing her triple threat talent for more than 35 years in her hometown of Richmond, VA as well as regionally. She has traveled extensively throughout the East Coast performing with a plethora of singing groups. She performs regularly in theatrical productions, concerts, festivals, workshops and studios, as well as operatic, R&B, gospel and jazz genres. Listen now


Oakhurst bumpOakhurst TrioHailed in classical circles as “among the very best trumpet soloists in the world today,” and “One of the finest virtuosos of our time”, Artist Rex Richardson was named the 2008 Brass Herald International Personality of the Year. Listen now