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The Black story is the story of the United States, and the Richmond Region is one of the most important gateways to that story. Home to the Harlem of the south. Birthplace to a new cool that flourishes today. Richmond is a gateway to Black culture. A gateway to our shared history and to our brilliant future.  

Get to know BLK RVA,  a celebration of the Black cultural experience in the Richmond Region. First launched in 2019, BLK RVA is a collaborative initiative between Richmond Region Tourism and 20+ community leaders. The goal? To promote tourism, engage residents, and support businesses by showcasing spaces that highlight the Black experience. BLK RVA is your guide to exploring this multicultural hub rich with arts and entertainment, food and drink, community and powerful history.  


Richmond Is Rooted & Rising

Black culture in the Richmond Region is rooted in history, yet rising in its future. Some businesses are rooted with decades of history in Richmond; others are rising and new to the scene. All of them encompass BLK RVA. Historic landmarks like the Black History Museum of Virginia, the Hippodrome Theater and the Maggie L. Walker Historic Site reflect the region's rich history. Alongside these landmarks is RVA's thriving Black owned business community. Our award-winning dining scene, our Black owned health and wellness community, coffee shops and boutiques offer fresh, authentic experiences for all. 

Visit the BLK RVA website to begin exploring BLK RVA’s unique soul. Check out our tours, attractions and events happening across our region. Plus, get started planning your next visit with the help of BLK RVA's special travel itineraries, six perfectly curated guides to exploring Black history, culture, shopping, food and more. Be sure to check out BLK RVA's featured interviews highlighting a variety of the region's Black owned businesses and influential community leaders. 


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